Saturday, February 15, 2014

In The Arms Of The Angels...

February 7, 2014

My Mom passed away tonight around 9:00pm at the Ira Davenport Hospital.
Mom had fallen a few weeks before and broke her hip. They operated on Mom in Corning Hospital last week and they called her a "Miracle!" But you could tell Mom was hurting real bad. From there they moved her to the Bath Infirmary for rehab...then they took Mom to the ER at the Ira Davenport, that is when Bill called us and told us
Mom knew her time was near so we were on our way to see her before she passed but didn't make it in time. The hospital however let us go in and say our goodbyes to her. 
Mom you looked so at peace. You are now in Gods Arms safe from harm, safe from the pain that you were suffering, the loneliness that you felt will be no more.  All of our loved ones in Heaven must have been really happy to see you come home....and you knew that the Good Lord was ready for you..It was also Papa's Heavenly birthday....
We all love you Mom, your memory will live on in our hearts forever.

 Written in Memory of
Joan C Blank

where do you begin to tell the story of a life lived and loves lost. Well I guess I would have to start with the woman Mom was not only on the outside but the beautiful woman she was on the inside.
Lot of people knew Mom as kind of... brassy, outspoken, tenasis to mention a few but that was lifes footprints that made Mom have those characteristics....In other words Mom was a SURVIVOR!
Survivor of Loves lost, dreams unfulfilled and way too many regrets to just name a few. Yet in Moms heart there lived a PRINCESS...


In Memory Of Our Grandma

Grandma, I thought this day would never come,
You were my Hero you were my grandmother,
You provided your protection and your guidance,
Not only to me but to so many others.
You always did the best that you could
And you always gave the best,
We will always remember your words,
For we were the ones truly blessed.

We will remember the times you made us laugh,
And the times you made us cry,
We will remember how you lived,
And the look of your caring eyes.
I will miss the touch of your soft hands
And the way they healed my heart,
I will remember your beautiful smile,
And your sense of humor, was a world apart.
We will miss the sound of your voice,
And the directions you always gave,
You'd tell us to always be strong,
And you'd tell us to always to behave.
I will miss the stories you would share,
And the long talks at your kitchen table,
I will miss the happiness you showed,
With every new grandchild you cradled.

Grandma, You will be sadly missed,
But in our hearts you will forever live,
In our time of sorrow and pain,
Memories of your strength we will now relive.
Our hearts may be heavy
And we may shed many tears,
But our spirit rejoices, for you are with God.
And now you have nothing to fear,
No more worries, no more sorrows,
No more hurt and no more pain,
In the kingdom of Heaven you now stand,
Our love for you will forever remain.

To our grandmother, just like a mother,
to our sister, and auntie, To our friend,
and to our dear dear loved one,
We thank you for your time, for your love,
for your lessons, For your kindness,
compassion and your love.
Now your job is done!
(My brothers Bill and Kevin put the "Thank You" 
together and had it placed in the Steuben Courier.)

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