Saturday, September 16, 2017

September is almost over....Really!!!

I cannot believe just how fast this year is going by...Seems like one month than the other and I just blink and there it is another month.   Wow...Is all I can say.  I guess it would be a really great time to take each minute, each hour, each day and month not for granted.  To be grateful and humble for everyday we rise up in the morning and lay our heads down at night.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Is Half Over....

I can't believe this Summer is already on it's half over mark. 
It has been a really good Summer for us.
I hope it has been for you too as well. 

Did we go on a vacation....No! 
But have we had fun this Summer...Heck Yeah!

Celebrated our Grandson's 3rd and 16th Birthdays...God Bless You Guys..,
We Love you both :)

We went swimming and one of us even learned to swim :)


Remember to Always....No matter what....
"Cherish Every Moment!"