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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer is upon us and what better way to enjoy it kids is by getting the sidewalk chalk out and play a good old-fashioned game of Hopscotch!  How much fun you can have without using any electricity :)

The Rules for Hopscotch

1.The first player tosses his token into the first space.

2.Hopping on one leg, the player skips onto each numbered space, first in ascending order. He must hop over the space where his token is.

3.The player is allowed to step on HOME (the space indicated by footprints) with both feet. This is also the space for the player to take a short rest. He turns around and readies himself to continue.

4.The player must hop back in descending order to the starting position. On the way back, he must stop on the space just before the one where his token is, bend and pick up his token while still balancing on one leg.

5.After picking up the token, the player hops onto the space where the token was and continues hopping on the rest of the spaces.

6.The next player then takes a turn.

7.When a player has successfully completed tossing this token into all spaces, he is then allowed to try and "land" a home. What this means is that he repeats steps 1 to 5 but after he completes hopping, he stands in front of space #1, with his back to the hopscotch pattern and tosses his token over his shoulder. If his token lands within any space (except HOME), he can claim that space as his "home". The owner of the space is allowed to step on that space with both feet. All others are NOT ALLOWED to hop on that space.
The player loses his turn if he:

- loses balance while picking up his token and his other foot or hand touches the ground.

- his token touches the hopscotch pattern lines.

- he falls.

- he touches the hopscotch pattern lines with his foot while hopping.

 He will then have to resume by tossing his token in the space that he failed to complete AFTER the other players have had their turns.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer is finally here...
and what a beautiful summer
it seems to be shaping into...
at least in our part of the world :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Greener Grass For The Summer...

Here is a tip I found online and I would like to share it with you.....not sure if it works cause I haven't tried it yet...I was thinking of taking a small area in the yard and trying it to see what happens!

How To Get Greener Grass

Mix up a secret tonic:

Paul Michael, a blogger for swears by a
homemade tonic for keeping his
lawn green.

1 can of soda,
1 can of beer,
½ cup of dishwashing liquid
(not the antibacterial brands),
½ cup of household ammonia,
½ cup of mouthwash,

Pour the mixture into a
10 gallon sprayer and apply it to
your lawn twice a month.

According to Michael, who got
the recipe from a golf course
groundskeeper, the ammonia
promotes growth and greens the
lawn and the mouthwash kills
bugs and grubs.

(Try At Your Own Risk)