Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Greener Grass For The Summer...

Here is a tip I found online and I would like to share it with you.....not sure if it works cause I haven't tried it yet...I was thinking of taking a small area in the yard and trying it to see what happens!

How To Get Greener Grass

Mix up a secret tonic:

Paul Michael, a blogger for swears by a
homemade tonic for keeping his
lawn green.

1 can of soda,
1 can of beer,
½ cup of dishwashing liquid
(not the antibacterial brands),
½ cup of household ammonia,
½ cup of mouthwash,

Pour the mixture into a
10 gallon sprayer and apply it to
your lawn twice a month.

According to Michael, who got
the recipe from a golf course
groundskeeper, the ammonia
promotes growth and greens the
lawn and the mouthwash kills
bugs and grubs.

(Try At Your Own Risk)

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