Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let It Snow! snowed yesterday and it was awesome!!!! Desiree, Ryan and I all went outside and made a little snowman, just about Ryan's size. He loves everything about Christmas and isn't afraid to show his excitement!!!!


Well I thought I had Chemo on the 7th but I was wrong..I called the Infusion Center and they said, "No, but I do have to have a "Cat Scan" done next week and then I see the Dr. the following week.

Was horribly sick over this past weekend, while Mike, Desiree and Ryan had sinus problems...I had dizziness and vomiting well more like severe dry heaves....It was horrible. Not sure if it is because of my cancer or something that I had caught from the three of them.

Also would like to say:
to my Sister-n-Law Cathy!! Hope you had a great day!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my Mom, Cindy, Larry & Grandma for all the wonderful gifts I was sent for my birthday...God Bless You All!!!!!

Our Snowman, Desiree and Ryan

Hugs, Linda

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