Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas To My Friends & Family!

My grand-daughter Desiree and I after my last chemo/radiation treatment....I look really tired in this pic....but I am rested up a little more now.  And with my wig the nurses say I look great!!!!  Course that is with some make-up on too!  I will have to take a pic and show ya's. 

Anyhow, went to see the Chemo Dr. the other day, he said my scan looked good, and I said, "Oh so does that mean I am the one in five!"  And he said "NOTHING!!!!"  I go okay that hesitation was way to long!  He said after five years of not needing treatment you will be.  Oh really, well if I don't have to come back for a scan and to see you till March....How will I know if the cancer has moved somewhere else?  And his reply was....."Oh you'll  know!!!!!!!"  I said, "What does that mean!"  And again I asked him, how will I know because I am not one to go to the doctors!!!!!   And again he says without looking at me both times, "Oh you will know!!!!!"  Finally the nurse goes if anything feels different to you or you have pain just call us and we will get you in here.  So take it as you will that is what I was told.....I should have grabbed my neighbor Bob to go with me instead of going alone.  Just seems so unfair that I have had to go through this alone, well okay except for the times my neighbor Bob, God Bless him,  came and watched Ry for me or Jenn came with me, Oh and Desiree came to a Chemo session with me once when she didn't have to go to school that day.   My husband has had to work he is the only one in our family supporting all of us....and well no work no money no pay bills,,,,,,Everyone that is there has tons of family with them that cares about their loved one with cancer and it just hurts to think.... forgive me cause I haven't complained about anything since I found out I had cancer and I don't know why I am complaining now besides I have had God with me all the way so I guess I have never really been alone.  What more do I need, it worked for me my faith that is and it always has and always will....My Lord has never forsaken me!

I forgot to show you my personal wallpaper for December that I am using......

isn't it cute!  I can't wait to make more free calendar wallpapers for next year!

These are the snow people I painted a few years ago, they fit perfect out in our big front window, they are my favorite of all the paintings I have done.  They look so in love don't they?

Well I received a call from my grandson's school last week and again this week....I tell ya that boy is heading for trouble and I don't know what to do to help him.  He is in fifth grade and he is a big boy....but he has a lot of ATTITUDE!!!!  He has now been suspended from school till school gets back in session after the holidays!  Going to pray for this one!!!!!!

To all my family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you always....May your holidays be filled with the spirit and joy of Christmas!  Be safe Be happy Be loved!  God bless you all.

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