Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day Of Prayer...

Today is "National Day Of Prayer!"  Lord knows this country and the world sure could use a whole lot of Prayers right now.  Well ANYTIME IS A GOOD TIME TO PRAY!!!!  What are you waiting for....Come On....Let's start praying.....

Let's Pray For The Children That
They Have Better Examples To Follow!
Let's Pray For The Water Ways That They Are Free From
Contaniments And Will One Day Be Free From
Chemicals And Toxins, So That We May Have Plenty
Of Clean Water Around/Throughout The World!
Let's Pray For All The Wild Life That Is
Being Killed and Pouched, That Is On The
Endangered List Of Being Eliminated Off
The Face Of The Earth.  After All The Lord Took 
Two Of Every Species And Loaded Them Into "Noah's Ark"
To Save.  Who Are We To Eliminate The Lord's Creations!
Let's Pray For All The Babies That Are Being Killed
Whether In The Womb Or Out Of The Womb. 
They Are A Gift From God.  They Are Loaned To
Us To Love And Protect, Not To Do Harm To!!!
They Are Not Property To Do As You Wish To...
Let's Pray To 
Save The Children!
Let's Pray For Our Oceans And Coral Reefs
And For All The Sea Life That Occupies Our Beautiful Oceans!
Let's Pray For Our Wilderness, Trees, Forest,
The Beauty The Lord Has Set In Front Of 
Us To Appreciate And Take Care Of!
Let Us Pray For All Of Our National Parks
That They Will Not Be Taken And Turned Into Logging Or
Pipelines Or Just Taken Off Of The Protected List To Preserve!
Let's Pray For All Those Who Serve To Keep Our
Communities And Neighborhoods Save, For Those
Who Have Served In Our Armed Forces And Those
Who Still Are, And For All Those Who Gave All!

Let's Pray For All Of Our Domestic Animals,
That They Will Be Loved And Cared For
And Not Neglected And Abused!
And Never Forget To...

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