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Grandparents Day is September 11th.....

This year, Grandparents Day falls on September 11.
As this special time approaches,
let’s take a moment to consider some“teaching”
opportunities to foster that one-of-a-kind bond
that only takes place between grandparent and grandchild.

1. Be yourself. There is no boilerplate for
grandparenting. Just keep it real; do what comes naturally.

2. Share your hobbies and passions.
If you’re a gardener, show them how to plant seed and pull weeds.
If you’re a knitter, loan them some needles and demonstrate.
They won’t all be interested, but it can become
a wonderful shared activity for those who do
3. Tell stories. As a grandparent,
you’re in a perfect position to share family history and
traditions. Stories create a captivating way to do that.
For example, you can portray great-aunt Lucille as the
character she wasrather than simply a name on a family tree.
Stories also lend themselves to valuable life lessons.
As you recall them, write your stories in a journal.
When Grandparents Day comes along, not only will you be
ready to share but you will have created a permanent
record to be treasured for generations.

4. Invest your time. Children need a lot of attention
as they grow, but parents are often so busy covering the
necessities they don’t have time to give. It doesn’t have
to include a big expense. Just being together is enough.
Showing interest and listening are the keys.

You’ll enjoy it just as much as your grandchild does.
Being a grandparent is a great privilege and a source of
endless joy and satisfaction. Let’s pray this prayer together,
a prayer of blessing for grandparents everywhere and the
grandchildren they love so dearly.

Dear Father God, thank You for the blessings that come along with being a grandparent.
It’s a bond of enormous strength, binding together multiple generations.
Show us how to relax and enjoy our time together. Thank You for showing us
how to respect boundaries, dispense wisdom, and express our love in a creative
way to each of our grandchildren. We praise You, Heavenly Father,
for Your promise in Proverbs 17:6 (NIV),
(Children’s children are a crown to the aged,
and parents are the pride of their children.)
“Children’s children are a crown to the aged.”
In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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May God bless you and keep you as you prepare for the greatest Grandparents Day ever.
If you could use some tips on how to make the day even more special,
check out 5 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day:

We are a mobile society, moving around the country—even the world—with ease. Long gone are the days when families lived in close proximity and grandparents contributed greatly to the raising of younger generations. Preserving important family bonds is more difficult than ever.
This was probably what the U.S. Congress had in mind when they passed legislation in 1978 proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. Its stated purpose was “to honor grandparents and help children become aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.” If you’ve been looking for ways to make Grandparents Day fun and meaningful for your children and your parents, consider these suggestions:

1. Create Grandparents Day Traditions. Along with your children, come up with a few special elements you can add to the celebration each year. These should take into consideration the grandparents’ increasing age. This might mean sharing a dinner featuring a special dish, sitting for a three or even four-generation picture, or a collectible gift. For example, give grandma a charm bracelet and each year add a charm commemorating some special event or activity from the previous year. Be sure to add the date.

2. Make a special gift. To a certain extent this will depend upon the ages of the grandchildren. Help your younger children make plaster handprints or create a watercolor art piece featuring grandma and grandpa. Framing these is a very nice touch. You might suggest that your older children write about a special memory they shared with their grandparents. Urge them to read it out loud and present it with a hug and maybe even an inspirational gift such as our Grandmother - Willow Tree Figurine, Joy of Grandparenting - Wrapped Canvas or even our They Shall Be Called Grandparents - Wrapped Canvas. If you live far away, these special gifts can be packaged up and shipped.

3. Share a meal. Make this a time for heirloom plates and utensils, along with your favorite family recipes. Your house or theirs matters little as long as the location is convenient and comfortable for the seniors. Ask the grandchildren to serve and assign one of them to provide the dinner prayer.

4. Take a Trip. Especially if grandpa and grandma have a difficult time getting out on their own, a trip to a place of family significance may be greatly appreciated. This might be a park or lake where the family picnicked years ago. It could also be a drive-by of the area where the grandparents grew up. In the days following, ask your children to write down their thoughts about the trip in a journal and pass it along to grandpa and grandma.

5. Stage an Interview. Help your children come up with questions beforehand. Then, when you take your children to visit their grandparents on Grandparents Day, let them have fun asking the questions while you film with a video camera or your phone. Keep the questions wide open: “What was it like when you went to high school?” or “Could you tell us about the first job you had?” “What was dad like as a child?” or “Could you describe your greatest talent?” “Can you tell us about the best place you ever lived?” Then, turn it around and let the grandparents interview their grandchildren with questions like, “What do you like most about our family?” or “What are your favorite subjects in school?” If you live too far away to visit in person, you can use Skype or even your phone to conduct these interviews. Preserve these videos and make a copy for the grandparents. As time passes, these simple videos will become priceless family treasures.

Regardless of what your Grandparents Day observance includes, be sure to send a card. Plus, check out our free, shareable Grandparents Day Ecards as well as easy-to-purchase, affordable gifts and beautiful flower arrangements. Always remember Proverbs 16:31 (NIV), “Gray hair is a crown of splendor.” Grandparents are so much more than loving babysitters and portals to the past. On September 11, let us truly celebrate the important role they play in our lives and then, let’s continue to foster the loving relationships between grandparent and grandchild on a regular basis. After all, God made something truly beautiful when He created the bond of family.

Article written from DaySprings ECards:

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