Saturday, August 6, 2016

You are Stronger than you know...

~ I know you know, but please hear this new today ~

You are not responsible for anyone's happiness (not even your children's). Remember, if someone says that to you, gently remind them that is a huge burden that you choose not to bare. We are responsible for self, for guidance, for sharing the tools of practice, and to shine a light in grace. We do not complete another, we compliment. We do not make another whole, for we are not a half. We are partners, we are co-creators and artists in the making... Joy is inside, flowing outside, to give, to receive... that is all


~ Once you reach a certain space in your life, looking back is just not an option. All that was, WAS and…You can not re-live anything with the initial impact of the original experience it is just not possible. You may be able to bring up the memory, bits of the feeling it held, but why? The Master in you longs to be free.. not to go back, not trying to re-do or replicate the moment. It was good? Peace. It was bad? Learn. It made not one difference? Doubtful. We are creatures of habit, that is our comfort, that is what we do. But, staying present will benefit you far more than re-kindling the past or trying to force the future. ♥


Accepting where you are in the moment applies even when you cannot see clearly ...when you feel as if you are in a "fog". Understand that all serves a purpose, even lack of clarity. When you are in a fog and can't seem to see anything, your other senses become stronger....Be still...listen....embrace the fog as it embraces you, dance within it...know it's gifts. When it lifts, it's purpose will be will discover what has been within and around you all along that you may have seen before. The Light of the Sun brings clarity...and Gratitude for each blessing in life. ♥


A healthy relationship begins inside then manifests outward. And if you think you are going to change another, that things will be different after this or that happens, you set yourself up for major pain. So die for a bit in your disappointment then rise again to understand that the only way for a relationship to grow is by allowing yourself the freedom of being who you are and letting your partner do the same. If you go hand in hand.. that is beautiful, if you drift… accept it, it is so. Force or longing it to have the fairy tale is archaic, hurtful and stifling. Release what doesn't work so what will work may come in to you. That is what Universal Love is and the Universe supports you in all your endeavors of the heart ♥


When you are content you do not desire attention, your attention is elsewhere. When you are to peace, you do not need love, you know love personally and it is your companion. When you are satisfied you do not look other places, you find what you are looking for inside…Peace reigns wholeness in a world that may seem to be falling apart. Rest assure you are safe, you are loved and it is REAL, as real as you want it to be ♥


Inspiration can come out of no where when you least expect it. It can come in the form of a child's inner giggle, the color of the sky or simply a kind word or gesture. Living in inspiration is a life style. Embracing every moment as if it is the only possession you own creates the happiness found with-in. Not one thing can inspire or change your view until you are open to having it be...As you surrender to a gentle peace, a kinder outlook, and the light you innately posses, the world takes on a quieter and more meaningful aspect. Let go let it flow and enjoy your ride home ♥


Forgiveness is a hard one. What is it about forgiveness that is so difficult, even when holding a grudge, or holding on to hurt, or holding yucky old memories makes us feel so rotten. What is it that makes it so hard to let go? ♥

Forgiving someone does not mean that you have to have them in your life.
Forgiving is not "giving up" or "giving in", forgiveness does not mean that you are saying that an injustice has not been done, or that you agree with what happened. Forgiveness is a magic little decision that you make to free YOURSELF. ♥ 

Bad feelings, horrid memories and grudges are little daggers that carve away at your soul day after day. Those daggers come with handcuffs and chains and one of those big metal balls latched to your ankle. Who wants to live like that? Who CAN live life like that without it completely holding us back from everything that is meant for us? ♥

You are worth EVERYTHING it will take to forgive someone. YOU are worth it. YOUR LIFE is worth it. Give yourself a deadline to let it go...then scream at the top of your lungs, write down everything that bothers you, get ALL of it out...then when the deadline is up...let it go...forgive..... ♥
It's time to move forward, sweet friend. You can't move forward when you are chained to all of that yucky stuff. ♥
YOU CAN DO THIS. You can fully forgive. You can.
Written by Brave Girls' Club ♥

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