Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Is Over...Back To School!


Well Ryan walked right on into the school and left me in the actually had to catch up to him.....when he met his teacher...and she told him it was nice meeting him and then to please pick a table to sit at...Well true to himself...he headed for the table full of girls....what a "Ladies Man!!!" After a little bit he turns to me and he says and I quote..."you have to go now Nana!"   Half of me was happy and the other was sad....I guess I have done my job well......God Bless All The Children in our School's across the country....May they be safe and learn all that is offered to them! Also Congratulations Desiree I know that you will soar like an eagle at College....Shine like a star you are! Good Luck also to Alexis, Christopher and Zachary who have entered into Jr. High.....and Kaylee who is attending 1st grade as well......God Bless You All.....(((Hugs and Kisses)))

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