Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Started Today..... is so quiet in the house......LOL....No One is running around the house yelling "NANA!!!!" nANA...NaNa.....NANA!!!!!   But truly the tears in Ryan's eyes when I had to leave him in his classroom.....Grabbed my heart so tight....I had to leave before I started tearing up as well.  There was a highlight for Ryan though this morning....once we walked to the school and we were waiting for them to open the school doors.....with the sunlight reflecting off her golden long hair comes our neighbors grandson's love of his life...for now :)  What a difference a blonde can make.....she is in first and he is in kindergarden.  He had no clue that she would be attending his he really can't wait to get home so that they can sit on their prospective porches and converse back and forth to each other about their day at school :)

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