Friday, October 18, 2013

Update on RyRy's Health...

Well RyRy has an Upper Respiratory Infection and an Ear Infection.  They can't give him antibiotics for the URI because it is caused by a virus, but they can give him medicine for his ear infection.  
So last night was the very first night that RyRy didn't run a fever of 103.2....which really seemed great and he slept the whole night thru.   The Dr. said he could go back to school on Monday....he has been out for a week.  All I can say is Thank you LORD!  And of course Thank you Doctors and Nurses....God Bless You.

Of course you can't be around a sick child without getting a little sick Grandpa and I are doctoring a sore throat, headache, cough and some more unpleasantness of being sick.  Needless to say life must go while it does I will be
kicking back with a cup of chai latte tea (oh so good) and well poor Grandpa well he continues to go to work in spite of it all, the man is a workhorse....God Bless Him.  He never cease to amaze us. But as he would say it, "I do it because I Love You!"

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