Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You Are Loved...Jennifer

I wish I could sit down with you today, lean across the table and let you tell me about the moments that made you laugh or the ones that brought tears, about the fears you faced and the joy you felt, about the obstacles that seemed so big and the breakthroughs you never thought could happen. All of it.

I'm glad that even though I can't be there, Someone can. And He doesn't just have to hear about it second hand. He was there. For every moment. Every smile, every frown, every victory, every let-down.

And He's still here...inviting you to tell Him all about all of it again. Until you know again that everything is going to be okay. He'll comfort you, celebrate with you, whatever you need.

 Because He loves you.
And that's what love does.

You're never alone. God is with you.
He knows your name.
He numbers the hairs on your head.
He understands the cares in your heart.
Every morning, He's by your side.
Every night, He watches over you as you sleep.
There's never a moment you're not in His thoughts...
never a day you're not in His care.
You're never on your own.
He whispers to your heart, "You're forever My own."

Just a little reminder...Love is with you today.

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God. I John 4:16

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