Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those who take for granted....

 the People in their Lives..............YOU KNOW WHO YOU really need to get on YOUR knees and Thank GOD for those people who have selflessly put their needs aside to help YOU in YOUR life while YOU were down and out!  What is it inside of YOU that remains so cold and heartless, so envious and dark after all this time!  Pull yourselves together
and stop looking behind you and start looking for what is ahead for you and yours!!!!  

Go and get the HELP that YOU NEED to OVERCOME whatever it is that has
a hold on you!!!!!!!  You are worth it, They are worth it......I will pray for you to become strong and healthy.  To become the person that God has always meant for you to be, I know you can do this, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN and YOU WILL SURVIVE IT With GOD's HELP, YOU WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!  FIRST YOU HAVE TO LOOSE THAT ANGER YOU HOLD WITHIN YOU.....LET IT GO!!!!!


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