Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Quiet Sunday!

Hope everyone is doing fine today....our weather outside looks like spring is trying to break out....wish that was so!  But we all know we really haven't had a winter at all, so till it actually comes I will enjoy this gorgeous weather outside. 

Took a picture with my camera after Christmas of My husband Mike, my grand-daughter Desiree and my grandson Ryan.   Turned out pretty good.

Well when I say it is a quiet Sunday, I truly mean it is a quiet Sunday!  Desiree went to spend the night with her Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Jill.....and isn't home yet....Aunt Jill and her rented a movie and then Desiree is going to paint Aunt Jill's nails.  Desiree does wonderful nails.  Ryan played with Grandpa most of the morning so I could get some sleep....and now Ryan is down for a nap and Grandpa is playing with his PS2.  So the house is really I am almost done making my iced pumpkin cookies.

I picked up my new glasses on Friday....what a welcomed sight they were....I did not realize how bad my eyes had gotten over the last three years.  Well I can see now and it sure seems good.  Hope everyone enjoys your week.  Stay safe and happy!  Bless you's!

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