Friday, August 5, 2011

Certainly wasn't "Food Poisoning!"

Had my "Pet Scan" done on Tuesday of last week at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Have to go for my pre-op on this coming Tuesday cause they said my right lung lit up and they have to go in and investigate it so I will have my biopsy done on Friday, hopefully! 

My upper right lobe near my air flo has collasped due to the mass they found in my right lung on July 9th during an ER visit. I thought I had food poisoning from some almonds i had not! 

They will be going down my trachea and take a piece of my lung to see what stage and what cancer it is!  I believe they said that they will then start me on chemo & radiation treatments until the tumor has shrunk enough to be surgically removed.

The "Pet Scan" was to make sure that the cancer had not metasticized to other parts of my body and it hasn't, Thank God! 

Will post after I have seen my Dr. at Roswell Park again on Tuesday in case there are any updates or changes made!  Have a great weekend and God Bless!  

Love ya, Lynn


Pat said...

Will think very good thoughts for you, Linda. Your family could use some good fortune and blessings.

Pat Martinez said...

Will think awesomely good thoughts for you and your family, Linda. Your family has been through enough, as have you. Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way.