Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ryan Thomas has arrived!

Yesterday on St. Patty's Day "Ryan Thomas" arrived in the world by emergency C-Section. He is however being treated for Meconium Aspiration & Pneumothorax. Mommy is very very sad and crying alot because the nurses won't let her hold her baby. They told her they didn't want him to be upset!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN, I ask!!!! Today while I was standing there outside the nursery, watching the nurse with baby Ry, she sneezed a really big sneeze in HER HAND, THEN WIPED HER NOSE WITH HER FINGER....and continued working on the baby without even washing her HANDS!!!! Don't think I didn't walk right down to the nurses station and inform them of what I just saw....Here is how that went...."I said, the nurse down in the nursery taking care of the baby....Nurse says, what baby...I said the ONLY BABY THAT IS DOWN IN THE NURSERY.....and she says again, what baby...I say, Baby Ryan....and she says again, what baby, we have alot of babies on this floor....I said very calmly, The baby in the oxygen tent.....Oh yeah she says so what....I said the nurse just sneezed in her hand then wiped her nose and continued to work on him....the nurse looks at me and says "Oh, that isn't good, I will have a talk with her!" DO YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAP!!!!

Any how, I just received a call from my Jenn telling me that they discharged Ryan and her and that they were on their way to Buffalo Children's Hospital. The people from Children's couldn't beleive that Jenn hadn't even been able to hold her baby yet, so they let her and Tom hold him....let me tell you...what a difference that made for both Jenn Tom and Baby Ryan. Jenn said the baby calmed right down...well of course he did...all he wanted was his mommy...What is wrong with hospitals today. Can you tell I'm heated over this, cause I am...but am very happy that Jenn and Baby Ry on going to be in good hands!

Baby Ryan is so cute as is Baby Kaylee whom was born on 02/27/ him and little Kaylee will surely get to play together as they grow up. Kaylee is the fourth and Ryan makes for the fifth grandbaby for us...We are really excited to welcome these two beautiful gifts from God into our lives.....hope to be really busy this summer, playing with all the grand-children...I can't wait to hold them I haven't been able to hold either one yet cause of being sick, but am feeling much much better now.

Hope everyone had a



"For 'tis green, green, green, where the ruined towers are gray,
And it's green, green, green, all the happy night and day;
Green of leaf and green of sod, green of ivy on the wall,
And the blessed Irish shamrock with the fairest green of all."
-- Mary Elizabeth Blake


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