Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Good & the Bad!

Hi everyone,
Well, the 27th of February brought us the sweetest little bundle of Joy...yep, "Kaylee Lynn" was born at 12:02pm, weighing 6lbs.5oz. and is 20in. She is beautiful, and Mommy, Daddy and big brother are ecstatic to say the least. I will get scrapbooks made for sure and giveaways as well just won't be for a couple of weeks.

My daughter Jenn as I told you in my last post on her birthday wasn't feeling so well and had pheumonia. Well she did go to the emergency room after her last day of work on the 24th, yes she worked the whole day...the one hospital wanted her to take pain pills and she refused them cause she thought it would hurt the baby...then they took her down and xrayed her agaisnt her wishes. Well she left that hospital and went across town to anothe hospital and they admitted her and told her the babys heartbeat was really low so they monitored the baby and hooked Jenn up to an IV and administered anti-biotics. Couple hours later they released her.

Feb 24th: Two days later Jenn calls me crying she is at home and tells me she thinks she is in labor and is going back out to the hospital. I said okay I will meet you out there. Well we get there and sure enough she has diagnosed her two days what I was thinking among other things which wouldn't be too nice to jot down right now..anyhow, the stress test on the baby showed she wasn't having contractions, I believe that is crap, Jenn wouldn't even of come to the hospital if it weren't for here thinking about the baby. I believe the baby saved her life by getting her there. Jenna said herself, Mom I didn't even want to get out of bed, eat, go to the bathroom or anything, I just wanted to stay in bed!" Jenn was crying too because she thought from coughing so much that she might have broken a rib...They admitted her and Jenn is on oxygen, taking breathing treatments, on a high dose of anti-biotics which may or may bot be working for her they aren't really sure at this point....and they are pushing the food (soft foods) on her. Well today the 28th of Feb they have confirmed, she had indeed broken two of her ribs and they can't do anything for her due to the baby. Her pheumonia has settled in her right lung and even though the baby wants to come they can't let him because Jenn isn't strong enough to make it through the C-section....Today they took a sonagram of the baby and he is between 7 and 8 lbs, doing alright, just alittle cramped they said. Their main concern right now is Jenn and getting her better. I know her and the baby are in God hands He will keep her and the baby safe. I am going back out to the hospital in a little while to sit with her and do what I can to help her. Only one thing really concerned me and that was the nurse came in yesterday with a flu shot for Jenn, said her Dr. had ordered it up...something came over me and I butted in where I probably had no right to and told Jenn I don't think you should take that...why now would they give her a flu shot...she is so sick, I have had two flu shots in my life and let me tell you I would rather of had the anyhow, she didn't take the flu shot at least not at this time. I do so hope it was the right call to make. I am pretty sure in my heart of hearts it was. I never second guess myself.

For my son, Chris, his fiance Jenn and Little Chris...CONGRATULATIONS on your BEAUTIFUL daughter/lil sister Kaylee...What a gift from God she is. We love you all.


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